Thank You For Joining The Operation Recession Takeover Affiliate Program!
Patric Chan, Best-Selling Author & Creator of Operation Recession Takeover

Thank you for joining our affiliate program.

I have just launched Operation Recession Takeover 3.0, you can find some of the email swipe copies and banners to use below.

It's a BRAND NEW PROGRAM and I truly believe it'll help many people to turn recession to their advantage, instead of being a victim. We have gotten SO MANY POSITIVE FEEDBACKS AND TESTIMONIALS for the previous version 1.0 and 2.0!

Request For Your 50% Commission Bump!

Right now, we're paying out 40% commission for Operation Recession Takeover 3.0.

But I'll be happy to bump up your commission to 50% and also, 40% for the upgrades if you can let me know how you wish to promote Operation Recession Takeover?

Just email us at and if you are a customer, you'll automatically be qualified for Commission Bump! Just include your ClickBank ID, we'll then take care for you by increasing your commission to 50% per sale!

On Top Of The 50% Bumped Up Commission, Earn These Additional Commissions From The Upgrades Too!

First, you get to earn 50% commissions for Operation Recession Takeover 3.0 after commission bump. This a proven seller. The customer will also be presented with optional upgrades and if they decided to take it up, with commission bumped, you'll also be earning 40% commissions respectively! (The normal commission payout is 30% for the upgrades)

Optional Upgrade #1

Earn Additional 40% of a $39 Offer

Optional Upgrade #2

Earn Additional 40% of a $159 Offer

Optional Upgrade #3

Earn Additional 40% of a $100  Offer

Also, earn 40% for the $997 CB Passive Income Extreme!

We use the same ClickBank account for Operation Recession Takeover and our flagship program, the CB Passive Income Extreme. Because we'll also be recommending CB Passive Income Extreme in the follow up, you'll also be able to earn 40% commission for it, that's extra passive income of $400 ++ per sale.


Our affiliate program is managed through ClickBank, just replace your own ClickBank ID at YOURID below. 

The link will track for all sales throughout the backends.

If you have any question, please feel free to contact us at

Email Swipe Copies

The Recession Angle

Email Subject option #1: "Operation Recession Takeover"
Email Subject option #2: A System To Make Money Online During This Economic Recovery!


This is a brand-new program that's developed to show you how to make money online, during this current economic recovery...
This is suitable for both newbies and experienced marketers.
Secondly, it doesn't waste time with ideologies or marketing jargons. Operation Recession Takeover shows you a step-by-step system on how to get started in 2 weeks to make money online.
Also, as far as I know, NO ONE ELSE is teaching this system, how to "game" the recession and ride on the wave.
Join now here:
Warm regards,

Your Name

Wealth Creation Angle

Email Subject option #1: I wasn't ready the last time
Email Subject option #2: It's the best time to create wealth (here's the plan)


During the last economic crisis in 2020, I wasn't ready.

But this time, I'm ready. I'm not referring to "ready to survive through", but READY TO PROFIT AS MUCH AS I CAN.

Truth is, when recession hits, it is not the end of business but it's only affecting those who are not resourceful or don't know how to sell online.

Discover the strategy to make you wealthy...

Warm regards,


P.S: Financial experts predict that there's going to be another crash soon, an upcoming recession. My suggestion is, get prepared as soon as possible so that when the wave is here, you get to ride on it. 

To ride on it, you need "standby cash" and here's how to generate it now...

Pitch Angle

Email Subject option #1: Re: Operation Recession Takeover
Email Subject option #2: Do you have a computer and an internet at home?
Email Subject option #3: The 5-DAY CHALLENGE To Start An Online Business


If you don't have any special skill or expertise, except for having a computer and internet at home...

How you can make money online, especially before the recession?

The good news is, internet marketing pioneer and best-selling author, Patric Chan, has invested his personal time to help by sharing his crisis-proof system.

He released Operation Recession Takeover to help as many people as possible back in 2020 and this year, you going to access the BRAND-NEW VERSION 3.0 SYSTEM for 2022!

Some other highlights you may want to know...

1. It's suitable for both newbies and experienced marketers.

2. It doesn't waste time with ideologies or marketing jargons.  Instead, Operation Recession Takeover shows you a step-by-step system on how to get started in 5 days to make money online.

3. As far as I know, NO ONE is teaching this system for recession-proof. Thus, the earlier you get started, the less competitors you’ll have...

Get started today:

Warm regards,


For the Marketing Niche

Email Subject option #1: Use this funnel to make money online daily
Email Subject option #2: What is the affiliate funnel that you can use today?


You may have heard many times from the gurus about creating funnels to make money online...

Well, recently, I've stumbled upon a secret funnel and I would like to share it with you today because this can help you to get customers on a daily basis.

Check out this secret funnel:

Also, you DO NOT need to be an expert and you DO NOT NEED to have your own products, so read the full details here:

Warm regards,


Email Subject option #1: A secret funnel (simple yet highly profitable)
Email Subject option #2: A simple yet highly profitable funnel...


Creating funnels have been a hot topic for years...

This is simply because it works! Having a profitable funnel can really help you to turn one tiny sale into big money.

Now, there are all sort of funnels...

Webinar funnel...

Survey funnel...

Product launch funnel...

Squeeze page funnel...

And one of the simplest yet highly profitable funnel is affiliate funnel because you don't need to create the product to sell!

Unlike any other training, Patric Chan, has done it and he can show you behind the scenes.

Check it out here:

Warm Regards,


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